Top Traditions I’ll be enjoying this Christmas


My Christmas Tree 2015

I love Christmas, who doesn’t? But to me Christmas is so much more than presents, don’t get me wrong I love presents but I love our little family traditions and to me they make Christmas.

I was 30 this year as you may remember so that’s 30 Christmas’ spent at home with my family and last year I brought Gavin home to my family and of course David too. They really enjoyed the Christmas traditions we have down in Cork and can’t wait to enjoy them this year too!

Advent Calendars

I love the countdown to Christmas and have always had an Advent Calendar, regardless of my old age I can’t help but think Christmas isn’t Christmas without that special countdown and lets face it, who doesn’t love the little chocolate inside? Last year I got a big long one I hung on our stairs and filled with treats, mostly my favourite chocolates! This year we’ll have that one with grown up treats and a traditional one with small chocolates for the toddler!

* Muppets Christmas Carol

I can’t put up our Tree without the Muppets Christmas Carol on as well. I love the Muppets and this film is the real start of the season for me! I’ve always put our tree up by myself, himself just isn’t into it and David was/is too small to help yet. And the film may be a little old for him. For now.

* Christmas Fm

I love Christmas music, it’s the holly jolly time of year and I love the joy it spreads. Of course that isn’t all Christmas Fm does, they’re huge supporters of some amazing charities and this year it’s all in aid of Focus Ireland so while listening please please please donate as well.


Santa Train, Galway

* Galway Christmas Market

I’m a Cork girl but living in Galway, himself is all Galway so we’ve always made the effort to get to the Galway market and I love it there. I love the crafts, the food, the smells and the crisp air around Eyre Square. This year David is big enough to get on the Ferris wheel, the Santa train and the hopefully going to the Elf Experience as well! Eeek I’m such a little Christmas Elf

* Lions Club giant Christmas Tree 

Every year I donate some spare change to the Lions giant tree. It’s a chance for me to remember lost loved ones and support another great cause. And I love making Cork city look pretty by filling in a huge ribbon and placing it on the tree!

* Late Night Friday Shopping Night 

This is a very me tradition. Every year I go late night shopping with my little sister, this is the night where we pick up special little treats for our parents and treat ourselves to a tasty dinner out and an O Connells hot chocolate for desert to keep warm while wandering around the city enjoying the lights, sounds and smells.

* Panto, He’s behind you!!

I grew up involved with the Cork Opera House panto and loved it. Now that I’m older I still love the panto and can’t wait to bring the small man in a few years but until then I have my own traditional night out. Every year, Dad and I bring my 80+ year old granddad to the Adult Panto in An Spailpin Fanach in Cork. It’s rude, crude and hilarious! I leave every year with a sore face from laughing and my sides in bits! We’ve been going every year and the last few years we’ve been bringing my granddad as well. It’s Pure Cork boi but if you’re not a rebel you’ll still find it arse breakingly brilliant.

* Christmas Eve in Grans

Every year, without fail we brave the weather to go to Grans for Turkey and Ham sandwiches. Being from Cork we also have SPICED BEEF as well!!! If you haven’t tried it let this be the year you go to it’s native home and straight into the English market for some traditional spiced beef and let your taste buds delight!


David’s new word, HO HO HO

* Santa 

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a visit from the big man. And while I’m not a child anymore I get as much enjoyment as ever from the excitement of Santa every year. My parents are as bad as I am!! Last year we had David’s first Santa visit and we went to see him as well. Santa has very kindly kept up the tradition he started when I was small (er) and leaves presents wrapped in brown paper under the tree and last year had a big one wrapped just for David!

* Giving Tree 

Christmas is a special time and we all love getting and giving presents but I’m always so aware of those who can’t afford anything. So once I got my first job in school I started buying a little toy for the giving tree the Saint Vincent de Paul have in Merchants Quay, Cork every year. Last year David helped me pick out a little outfit and an educational toy for a little 2 year old girl. It was one of the nicest things I felt as a new parent I could do for someone else. And a tradition I WILL be keeping up

* Late Late Toy Show

What Irish child doesn’t know and love this? We all grew up loving it and it is the official start to Christmas in all Irish households! As children we stayed up with goodies to watch it, now it’s a take away and a bottle of Baileys/wine. David isn’t quite 2 yet so is still too small to stay up late to watch it live but we’ll have it on the Sunday for the rerun and we’ll let him have a little treat as well in front of the fire. Added bonus this year is the chance to wear our Late Late Toy show pjs again and support Temple St Hospital.

This is just a snippet of my Christmas, there is so much more but I’d need anther few posts to do everything. And I really do find the most pleasure in giving over Christmas, be to friends and family or to some very special charities close to my heart, it’s the little things that count over the season.

Fill me in guys, are there any traditions you love from your family christmas’? Anything special you do every year that just makes Christmas for you? I’d love to hear them and maybe pick up some new ideas as well if I may be so bold 🙂


I’ll see you when I get my glasses

I wear glasses. I got my first pair the first few days of secondary school. I didn’t love them. I hated them. I used to hide them in the end of my bag and only take them out and wear them at home doing homework when my parents would see me. I really hated them.

It’s a few years later now….And I recently got (yet another) pair and I love them! And my spare pair!! David however seems to think they’re fun to play with and should be kept on the top of my head, where I keep my sunglasses. Great fun, they get tangled in my hair but sure who cares. glasses

Fast forward to last week and it was David’s turn. He has a squint. We noticed it a few months ago and mentioned it to our public health nurse and GP but nobody actually listened to me until my lovely optician spotted it and suggested I push. So I pushed and battled and fought and finally we got to see the specialist. The specialist we met first was lovely, she had David look into a light and follow it etc. Very easy going and didn’t get stressed. However the next guy was a NIGHTMARE!!! He was gruff, rough and made Grumpy dwarf look like a saint! At one stage he demanded I just pin the child down. Eh hello!!! That isn’t how we talk to the makers of the tiny humans.

David freaked out totally and I wasn’t any better. I left that appointment in tears knowing my 19month old scamp was going to be getting glasses. And soon. Thankfully my optician is lovely and very good with smallies so she was able to sort us out.

That however didn’t solve all our issues. Such as explaining to a very young toddler that he needs glasses and has to wear them. I did what I always do and went to my local bookshop!! Don’t worry I didn’t just walk in and browse and get lost! I asked my favourite librarian and she offered some amazing ideas. None of which my local library had. I bought two books and considering how much damage I could have done in there 2 books is a pretty good trip!!

So while as a rule I think Peppa should only be seen when drapped over pancakes with ample amounts of maple syrup I still got the book! Mostly because David really does love her and I had high hopes she’d help him understand his new glasses. Rex in my opinion is a far better book and a far better character. Rex learns that his glasses are a great thing, they help him to see, even things nobody else could see. Whereas that spoilt little piggy wants glasses because her friend Pedro has them. She doesn’t actually need them and in the end Mummy Pig (the pushover) gets her sunglasses to shut her up (pancakes would also keep her quiet…) While reading Peppa I had to change the ending so that Peppa got glasses like David so he’d be more interested in wearing them.

The first day wearing the glasses was AWFUL!! He screamed, roared, screeched and lashed out. And I can’t blame him, it’s a huge change. I spent a lot of the first day in tears myself, I felt awful making him wear them. Trying really hard not to lose my cool and help him understand them. It wasn’t easy. But it’s been a few days and things are looking up. He’s wearing him. We put them on in the morning, he wears his and I wear mine. It’s going better. He doesn’t love them yet but at least when I put mine he puts his on.

It’s still early days but I’m hopeful he’ll grow to like them. He looks so different to my baby boy though. But I’m sure I’ll get used to his new look as well.


Everyone knows that babies come with many aches and pains and mine is no exception! Lads my poor back is in bits, he’s nearly 19 months and not walking so he’s either carried by me or in a buggy! My wonderful sister brought me for a spa day lately and I feel much better!

Where you ask is this magical place of cures and tlc? Ballygarry House Hotel in Tralee, Kerry!images

All I can say is wow!!

We had a girls day out and opted to go for their ladies only package which gave us a huge choice of treatments. I had a Facial, with loads of Honey based products. My skin drank it up and felt great afterwards! I also had a back and shoulder massage, again with honey! And my favourite, the Honey and Whiskey scrub!! My skin felt so so so good. All soft and moisturised! And I smelt unreal!!

I can’t praise the girls at Ballygarry House enough, they were so attentive. We got to enjoy the sauna, the steam room and the Hot Tub! Even in Ireland the hot tub was amazing, very warm and relaxing!!

Prices were very reasonable, €105 each for the three treatments, a visit to the relaxation suit including the Hot Tub. We had a time in the relaxation room with a fresh fruit smoothie and some fruit cocktail sticks! And then we went to the bar for lunch!! I had a fabulous open chicken sandwich on a treacle brown bread with rocket and parmasan. Sister had fish cakes, which she loved! The food is fantastic and so fresh!! And yes it was included in the price!!
download (2)

If you’re in Tralee I highly recommend you go there! You won’t be disappointed!


I said Yes to the Dress

Yes I’ve been quiet here lately, I have a good excuse. I promise. We booked our wedding!! More on that later however. Today I’m all about the dress!!

Those of you who know me know I’m a jeans and cons girl. I generally don’t do dresses and unless required I don’t do heels. So I was dreading the dress shopping. Add in my usual frumpy feeling, feeling like a beached whale and I wasn’t at all excited about the dress.

For any guys reading, most girls can’t wait to get to the dress stage!! So I’m in the vast minority.

That is until I went into Unique Boutique in Loughrea, Co. Galway and met Martina.

As soon as I walked in the front door Martina met us with enthusiasm and professionalism. Martina gave us little blue disks to hang on the dresses we liked and wanted to try on. I’m not exactly tall , petite Martina says so we couldn’t reach the hangers 🙂 Martina stepped in and helped us navigate the heights and dresses! We picked out a few and went into the dressing area. After trying on the first dress Martina was able to tell which dresses would suit my short arse frame and proceeded to bring in the ones she thought would be best on. I felt amazing the first dress, suddenly tall and less whaley and more bride-y! Great start!

I tried on a few dresses and loved 2 of them. Really loved them until I found the ONE!! The one that made me feel 6ft tall, stick thin and pretty. Pretty like I’ve never felt before. I left Unique Boutique on Saturday afternoon feeling amazing thanks to Martina and her eye for style, detail and never ending knowledge of bridal wear.

I couldn’t get the dress out of my head all weekend. All week. And last night….


Thanks to Martina for making me feel amazing, for knowing what looks right on, for knowing what way to style it, how it needs to alter it. And most importantly, for the most AMAZING dress a girl could ask for!

Martina opened Unique Boutique less than a month ago and is doing amazingly well. Her collection is amazing!! If you’re looking for a gorgeous dress and a super star, I recommend you go to Loughrea and Unique Boutique! You won’t be disappointed!


Where dreams become reality

30 for 30

30for30Most people do bucket lists of things they want to do before they turn 30. It’s the IN thing to do! Well I’m hitting 30 soon, really soon. And I know I don’t have time to do 30 unrealistic things before I hit 30. So instead here’s my top 30 things I’m most proud of. Things I’ve done in my life etc

  1. David. Naturally I’m immensely proud of my son!
  2. Proud of myself for giving birth to David, emergency C and I survived
  3. Meeting Gavin
  4. Being with Gavin for almost 8 years
  5. Graduating from UCC in English and Irish
  6. Graduating from Hibernia as a primary teacher
  7. Publishing my own book-How I Learn
  8. Blogging on Anseo A Mhuinteoir for 6 years
  9. Visiting all 32 counties in Ireland this year
  10. Being able to spell Hemidemisemiquaver and knowing it’s 1/64 of a note
  11. Singing and dancing on the Cork Opera House stage
  12. I’m very proud of being free from loans having paid off car loans etc
  13. Proud of the way I have the playroom set up
  14. The work I put into David’s bedroom
  15. My involvement with CESI over the years
  16. Bringing David to swimming lessons even though I’m terrified of the water
  17. Being brave enough to try out parent and toddler groups and classes
  18. Keeping David’s baby book up to date
  19. Same goes for David’s photo app-Peekaboo
  20. My cooking skills
  21. Being able to bake-even though my icing work needs work
  22. Knitting toys for David
  23. Fluent in Irish
  24. Instilling a love of books and reading in David
  25. Moving to a new town where I knew nobody and making friends. Twice
  26. Proud of how long I’ve been friends with some people, Emma for nearly 30 years, Katie for 17 and Joy for 10 years
  27. My random Queen, Harry Potter etc knowledge!
  28. Proud of my Godson, who’s 16 this summer
  29. Writing about my struggles with PND, being honest about them.
  30. I can parallel park first time, none of this starting again. Same goes for a 3 point turn, no extra points!

That was a lot harder than I expected it to be!! But I managed it. And can now turn 30 in peace knowing I’ve plenty to be proud of and happy with!

Oh and by the way, I’m 30 on Sunday, July 17!! Happy Birthday to me! Watch out, I’m joining the dirty thirtys club!




In the Know

dragonThings my Dragon wants you to know

  • I like it when you don’t call her, I like that she feels alone.
  • I like it when she over eats, especially chocolate. It makes her feel so fat and useless
  • I like it when she feels small and useless
  • I like making her feel like a bad mummy, it’s funny to watch her freak out
  • I like it when she’s all quiet and busy battling me so she’s not being an especially amazing human that day
  • I like making her feel like shite. I’m really good at that
  • I like it when she feels judged by you guys
  • Don’t bother talking to her, she’s not worth your time or energy
  • I like it when she cries
  • I like spending the day in bed, alone with her and her thoughts. Bed is so comfy
  • I like binge watching tv, being up all night and keeping her from getting any sleep
  • I hate it when she drags me for a walk, I hate fresh air
  • I hate company, I like being alone with her
  • I hate when she thinks she’s a big brave mummy and can do anything. I don’t want her trying new things.
  • I don’t want her finding ways to win over me.
  • I hate it when she uses her colouring books
  • I hate being social.
  • I hate her

Things I want you to know about my Dragon

  • I’m not “in a mood”, I swear. I’m just fighting a silent battle you can’t see
  • Yes I’m exhausted, it’s hard work doing battle
  • Some days just putting on my knight in shining armour outfit is just about all I can handle
  • Please stop asking me if I’m ok and alright in that tone, you know I’m not ok, I’m not alright. But nagging me instead of offering support isn’t actually helping.
  • Please don’t tell me to lighten up, it’s hard to have fun when it feels like the whole world is pulling you down
  • Don’t poke the dragon, he doesn’t need encouragement to turn up
  • Please don’t be afraid to ask how I’m doing, ask how I’m coping and if I want to talk
  • Please suggest coffee or even a trip to the park, sometimes I can’t manage to suggest it myself but I do really need company. Even if i’m not all that chatty.
  • Yes, my Dr gave me some medication to help deal with the dragon, yes it’s ok to ask about it.
  • Yes there are days when I feel better than others, you’ll know those days. I’m me again.
  • Even the days I’m not feeling 100% amazing, I am still me. Just maybe a little less awesome
  • Some days I feel like Hellie Lite, the diet version. Where I know the dragon is lurking and I’m building up a wall to keep him out. Those are the days I need you to help me, I need you to be there.
  • Please don’t think I’m ignoring you or don’t want to see you. Some days I can hardly get out of bed, dealing with people is sometimes too hard.


There are hundreds, thousands of more things you should know. But this is a blog post, not a PHD thesis or book. So I’m leaving this small portion of a list here. Just here. Just for you. You never know who may need it, when you might need it to help yourself, your partner, your friend, me. If you find yourself facing off with a dragon, I’m right here and can be found on Facebook and Twitter if you want to talk.

Caution: Dragon at Work

dragonEver had one of those days when work was a bit of a disaster? Where you’re just not feeling it?? I had one recently. And I have to point out, I LOVE MY JOB.

I love my job so much that the dragon decided to pick on it. So the Dragon came to work with me. Not ideal. And not the greatest day ever.

Thankfully I work with great people who after months of travelling together know me pretty well and could see something was up. They stepped up with hugs, and words of sense and love. As anyone with dragons will tell you advise is no good. Dragons argue with advice. But it’s hard for a Dragon to fight a hug and people being there for you.

Life with a dragon makes me an excellent actress. I can hide it from most people. Gav sees through it and seemingly those I work with do too. I managed to stop the tears. Fix the make up. I could still put on my happy face to face the audience. I could still join in the banter. I could still do my job. Once my day at work was done I was wrecked. Trully shattered. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. And still had a 2 hour drive to do.

You see the thing is, fighting dragons isn’t easy. It’s hard work. Have you ever seen Shrek? The first one when Shrek rescues Fiona from the dragon and there’s all these charred rocks around, places where the knights were defeated. Dragon verses knights, the dragon often wins. And the knights are nothing but burnt rocks. Until Shrek arrives, Shrek fights the dragon differently. And that’s what I have to do, I have to find my own way to battle Dragon. I can’t do as Shrek did and pin his chain with a sword but I can fight him my own way. And like Shrek I will be and am exhausted. But it’s better than the alternative.

If you’ve ever been to the theatre you know just how hard the actors work, how much energy goes into each performance. Acting like everything is ok is that exhausting. But I did it. I performed in front of that crowd, I put on my game face and did it.


Freddie Mercury

I’d love to say that the Dragon hasn’t been seen since but I don’t want to lie. Not here. That said, the dragon is under control. I can get up. I can function. I can look after my son. I can look after my other half. I can even kinda sleep. I even managed to really enjoy a holiday. I’ll post about that later.

When I set out to write this, I expected it to be a gushing thank you to the two girls I work with. Instead it’s been a more honest insight to the reality of my PND. But the reality is that while it’s extremely hard work it’s worth fighting. All the best things in life are hard work and fighting off a Dragon or two to be the best Mum I can be for my small man is well worth the battle.



13 Things that give me RAGE

downloadSome things just make me fume, they make me wanna scream and shout and roar and slap all sorts of stuff. I feel like I should state now that NOBODY GOT SLAPPED this week!!!

  1. bad-parking

    FFS who let them drive

    That woman driving a 2016 brand new volvo who really needs driving lessons. And some knowledge on spacial awareness would be good too. Just because you have a new car doesn’t entitle you to take up TWO spaces in a carpark. Jackass

  2. While I’m on the subject. PARENT AND TODDLER SPACES are not for men in the 20s with no kids with them, they are not for women in their 50s who think that the rain means they can park closer to the door and take up these spaces. They are for parents with young kids who need the extra space to take kids out of the car safely. They are not for keeping your hair dry or a shorter walk. LAZY ASSES
  3. Trying on clothes is an ordeal and changing rooms make me want to SCREAM. The light in them in awful, there is no room in them. Especially if you have a buggy. There is no comfy way to be in a changing room. I hate having to listen to others trying on clothes. And to the woman in the changing room beside me this week….LEARN ABOUT SHOWERS
  4. I know it’s a cliche, all Irish complain about the weather. BUT SERIOUSLY it’s May and who the fuck let it HAILSTONE on my freshly washed clothes hanging on the line!!!!!! ARRRRRRG
  5. I could SCREAM when buying panadol, it’s so fecking expensive and something we so often need. Up north the price of a painkiller is a FRACTION of what it is here. 45P for a box of 16 to be exact. FFS  what a RIP OFF and really I just want to slap
  6. I HATE CHICKEN WINGS there I’ve said it. They creep me out and give me the rage with their creepy ass bones inside. YUCK!! Why do restaurants insist on having them on menus?? They’re messy icky things.
  7. That woman on the TV the other night, I don’t even know what shite I was watching but this woman gave me inconsolable rage. SHE WAS FUCKING ORANGE, umpa loompa coloured. And you just know she went and tried on white tops in shops and left fake tan all over them for others to find and leave in changing rooms. REVOLTING!!!!!!
  8. GOOGLE FUCKING MAPS REROUTING it’s all all over the bloody shop. Just a route and let me go, I need to go home stop trying to drag me all over the bloody country.
  9. Petrol stations that claim to be service stations yet are lacking in vital services WHERE THE HELL IS THE BATHROOM I’m driving from Derry to Galway and there’s nowhere to stop for a little girls room!!!!!
  10. Road diversions. Yes you have roadworks, yes you need to reroute us but do you need to send us 60 odd minutes out of my way on my way home?? NO YOU DO NOT!! I’m looking at you TyroneDiverted-Traffic-300x225
  11. The complete and utter lack of air con in my car. Yes I know I don’t need it very often but the days I do need it, I”M NOT WILLING TO GO WITHOUT IT I was roasted and did my Fiesta car?? Did Mr Ford care?? NO!!!! AIR CON as standard please and thanks
  12. People muttering and talking during an event, be it music, the cinema etc there’s a time and PLACE and this is not it. SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop ruining it for others.
  13. The taxi driver that laughed at me this week…no I’m not from the area, no I’ve no idea where I am and no I don’t know how far away the hotel is. It’s your job to collect me and bring me back to the hotel not to laugh at me for getting lost RUDE JACKASS!!

I kept it somewhat together this week. Only ranted the once or twice to friends and family but seriously. WHEN DID PEOPLE BECOME SO STUPID??? Or am I just less able for this bullshit??

Dragon is here for tea

dragonWhen Mr. Dragon comes a calling I don’t deal very well.

I don’t sleep. I’m awake half the night fretting about things I can’t control or panicking about what I have to do in the morning. This especially true if I have to meet people I don’t know very well or go somewhere new. Or even see people I haven’t seen in a while, no matter how well I know them.

I go to bed but can’t sleep. I can’t concentrate on anything once I’m in bed. I just can’t bare to be up or anywhere else. Bed is safe.

I don’t eat. I skip meals. Make excuses. Who needs food, my tummy is full of dragon so there’s no room for food.

I over eat. Typical right? I try to squash him with food, usually chocolate, Dragon loves chocolate. It makes him tell me, all too often that I’m fat, ugly, worthless. The more he goes on, the more I eat. It’s never anything healthy either, it’s always chocolate.

I struggle to concentrate, reading knitting, colouring etc become a job and I can’t be bothered.

I want to be left alone.

I can’t bare to be left alone.

I pick fights. I argue. I bicker. I become argumentative, the sky isn’t blue be quiet. I’m a real pain in the ass.

I fiddle with everything, my hair, my necklace, the zip on my jacket. I can’t stay still. But can’t go and do anything either. I just sit and play anxiously with anything near me

I bake. I bake chocolate stuff, a lot of brownies have been baked in my oven. A lot more have been eaten and demolished.

I refuse to cook or come up with excuses as to why we have to have take away. Dragon isn’t very healthy at all. He likes all the things I do and is conviced he should have them all the time no matter how bad they are for me. You see he doesn’t care that they’re bad for me, he cares that they taste nice for those few minutes I’m eating them I’m enjoying them. Until the Dragon brings home the guilt….I can’t believe you ate that. What a disgusting pig.

What do I do to keep him quiet?

imagesI pull out my colouring books. I’m like a big child but I know the dragon doesn’t like it when I’m busy and concentrating on something else.

I knit. Again I like to keep busy so dragon can’t be heard. I can’t hear him telling me I’m a useless mum and small man deserves better.

I talk to Gavin. Gav can scare away dragons, it’s one of his many super talents. He can slay a dragon with a hug and kiss.

I ring my family and just chat about anything. I don’t need to tell them how I feel, they’ll just talk and keep me company.

I talk to friends.

I come here and write. I don’t always finish them or share them all but I write.

I listen to happy music, Queen, The Beatles, cheesey music I should be embarrassed by but really love.

I read books I know the endings to. It’s a comfort knowing how they turn out and finding things I missed previously. Or finding bits I’d forgotten about.

I rewatch a TV series, something again I know inside out and enjoy. I’m a huge Gossip Girl fan, How I met your Mother, Dr Who, Charmed, West Wing, Lost. Anything I know really well.

Dragons aren’t welcome in my house. They’re uninvited. Unwanted. But I’m learning to handle the one that does find his way in.


**Edited: at the time of writing and publishing the Dragon was well installed and seemed to be trying to stick around for tea. Thankfully a friend noticed and helped me evict Dragon and he didn’t get so much as a scone from me. Thanks!


12 Things that Pissed me off this week

This week seems to have seen a string of things that really got my goat!! So I made a list. Some are not rational. Some are. All pissed me off royally. download

  1. The guy on the roundabout who didn’t indicate and nearly drove right into me. Seriously, learn about indicators and USE THEM!!!!! Menace to society.
  2. The shop didn’t have potato wedges in the deli and I wanted potato wedges. I wanted to cause a scene, throw a strop and demand proper wedges and melted cheese. I didn’t. I calmly ordered something else and inside fumed that my potato wedges craving would go uneaten.
  3. The woman who told me my son needed a haircut. She often says this. Really annoyed me this week though cause I’d gotten his haircut last weekend…trimmed so he still looks like a baby. But she didn’t notice and still commented. GRRRRRR
  4. The shower went cold, midway through washing my hair, I wanted to scream. Instead I turned up the heat and tried not to scream when it then burnt my ass.I gave in, I screamed. OUCH!!!!!!! Stupid bloody shower can’t behave
  5. rain_1xTHE F**KING rain!!!! I packed for my few days away for better late April weather than this!! Little April Showers my arse, more like November downpours. I HATE BEING WET AND COLD!! It makes me whingy and complain a lot. I’m tired of being cold. Tired of lighting the fire. And pig sick of RAIN!!!!!
  6. Getting lost in Westport looking for a chinese restaurant that then turned out to be CLOSED!!!!!!!! Ah here! FFS!! Google lied to me. Wandering around in the FREEZING cold trying to find the Chinese and not only was it well hidden but it wasn’t even open.
  7. The guy in Clare who threw out the last drop of Dingle Vodka when we’d just tried to order it. Claims there wasn’t enough there but trust me THERE WAS ENOUGH TO TASTE!!!
  8. The hotel bathroom that just wasn’t CLEAN. It was old, smelly and didn’t look clean. (It probably had been cleaned but was so old it no longer looked clean) Who’s going to shower in that??? Not me, going to work feeling sticky and icky. I HATE THAT!!!!
  9. Mr Anseo’s car in general is PISSING ME OFF!! Between breaking down and the insurance. Just bloody cycle already!!!!!!
  10. Looking for a book (or three) in hardback and finding that many many many years later they are still SERIOUSLY EXPENSIVE and awkward to find. I’m looking at you bookshops. COP ON with your pricing, it’s no wonder that Kindles are getting more use.
  11. The remote control that grew legs and went for a wander around my living room and couldn’t be found. Where the hell does it go? And how does it get back?? Why doesn’t it ever go missing when there’s sport on? Why only when I android-email-170want to watch something. Stupid biased tv remote
  12. My Phone and the email app. “Not enough storage” my ASS!! Just update and tell me if I have a new email!! Before I fire you out the nearest window and drive over you with my car.

Yes I had a cranky ranty week. Just once or twice. The rest of the week was grand though. Just thought I’d get all this shite off my chest.